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Back in 2011 when I founded Da Mouse as a Disney fan site and online news journal my aspirations were both simple and yet rooted in idealism.  I wanted to share my passion for Disney Parks and for Walter Elias Disney himself with the larger Disney community.  But even as Da Mouse was just beginning I always knew my deep-rooted enthusiasm for theme parks and the joy they bring to humanity was far greater than something that could be contained by a single website nor something with such a focused scope as Da Mouse.  Though that brand, what it means to me and honors shall always live on, today I’m overjoyed to introduce you to my next step on this journey with you.  Today it is my privilege to officially introduce Theme Park TV.


Theme Park TV Logo


My vision is simple and yet gargantuan and I will need your help to achieve it.  I want to create the absolute hallmark for theme park industry-wide coverage across the entire globe.  As with Da Mouse before, Theme Park TV will begin in the humblest of ways but I promise that the fire and drive I give to turn my dream into a reality with your support will be tireless.  Theme Park TV begins right here as a website that hopefully will provide you with engaging insight, information and news from the Theme Parks you know and love but also those you’ve yet to discover.  But it won’t end there, Theme Park TV will share the stories of cast members and guests from across the globe and dive inside the world of the theme park industry to learn just what it takes to turn fantastical dreams into theme park realities for so many.  Theme Park TV will be fun, engaging, full of happiness and opinions whilst being committed to facts and speaking to truths at every turn.  My vision for Theme Park TV will soon outgrow the confines of this website and it’s my hope that you’ll join me in building this brand into more than even I can envision for it.  Because just as with Da Mouse, Theme Park TV is here for you.


I can’t tell you the satisfaction and love I feel when I hear that I made someone’s day better through my work.  I know that Theme Park TV will carry on this power too and for that I am grateful and again reiterate just how hard I’m going to work for each and every one of you to turn Theme Park TV into the brand you love so much it will be the first thing you think of when somebody mentions theme parks.  It’s my goal for Theme Park TV to become your home, your love, your passion, your inspiration too.  Together with the team I hope to build for Theme Park TV that hopefully will include many of you reading this right now, I have little doubt Theme Park TV will be absolutely special. But as you can see there is much work to be done.  So there is just but one thing left for me to say,


Get ready for the ride of your life.


Raphael De Varona

Editor-in-chief, Founder

Theme Park TV a Da Mouse Company

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