Soon the evenings at Universal Studios Florida will take on new life with characters and cinematic moments from your favorite Universal films.

First Look at Universal’s Cinematic Celebration – Epic Cinema Under the Stars

Universal Orlando is preparing to debut a new nighttime spectacular for its guests this summer.  Though Universal has been extremely quiet on the public relations front about this new show, a leak from their own website has produced the name and some details that shed some light on what we might come to expect.  The show’s name is “Universal’s Cinematic Celebration: Epic Cinema Under the Stars,” and it is to include the range of Universal intellectual property including Jurassic World, Fast & Furious and Minions.  These characters and cinematic moments will be brought to life on an all new water stage in the Universal Studios Florida lagoon that includes dancing water fountains and water screens that lie just in front of Central Park at Universal Studios Florida.  Very similarly to “World of Color” at Disney California Adventure, this show will have a dedicated tiered viewing space that is being built along the shores of the Central Park area.  This marks a clear break from Universal’s other nighttime extravaganzas that have largely been built to be seen from the entirety of the Universal lagoon.



With the excitement for this nighttime show building as construction took place over the past few months at Universal Studios, we decided to share a few photos we took last week of the fountains and other effects so as to give you a sense for the scale and nature of this latest Universal project.  We can’t wait to hear more details and of course enjoy this new show that hopefully provides Universal Studios Florida’s guests another reason to enjoy the park later into the evening.



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