Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration Gets Official and Begins Major Testing

Just a day after we published our preview Universal Creative’s Senior Director of Creative Development, Michael Aiello went live with the announcement news for Universal Studios Florida’s newest lagoon show. New details for the show have been released and let’s just say this looks like a major evolution. Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration will have a dedicated viewing angle, feature multiple projectors on giant water screens and Universal has now confirmed that the show will feature projection mapping on the New York facades as well. This along with lighting and pyrotechnic effects will bring a multi-sensory show with incredible Universal characters to life. It’s a celebration of your journey at Universal Studios, an adventure that likely included some magical encounters with the boy who lived.

One of the bigger confirmations yesterday came in the news that indeed Harry Potter will make a grand appearance in the new show. That’s significant for Universal as it’s the first time that property has been featured outside of the Wizarding Worlds themselves in an attraction of this magnitude. If you aren’t afraid of spoilers The Leaky Cauldron has a great interview with Michael Aiello that goes further into detail on the new show as well as details some of the incredible Harry Potter sequence that will undoubtedly delight guests.

But just in case the hype train wasn’t chugging along fast enough, Michael Aiello tweeted out a video of daytime testing of the show’s fountains. It’s not even close to what the final product will look like but it’s more than enough to whet the appetite and make the insatiable countdown clock in our mind stir all the more until this nighttime addition is part of Universal Orlando’s lineup. We still don’t have a launch date for Cinematic Celebration but we expect it to open very soon this summer.

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