Today Cafe Revamps Universal’s Entryway Eatery

Universal’s Beverly Hills Boulangerie is no more as Comcast synergy has flourished upon the casual eatery at the entrance to Universal Studios Orlando.  Beginning with a Universal Passholder preview earlier this week and soft openings thereafter, TODAY Cafe themed to NBC’s morning show The TODAY Show is set to revamp what you’ve come to expect from Universal Studios’ first bite.  

The entrance to Universal Studios Orlando is iconic with its spinning globe and towering archways but once inside the visuals begin to get far less focused.  This is where the bright orange accents borrowed from The TODAY Show help immediately in drawing one to the newly reimagined quick service.  From the outside the design of TODAY Cafe is simple but modern and that is the overall impression you’ll also have once you step inside.

The revamped restaurant feels bright and airy and there are tv panels behind the main counter showing clips from TODAY that theme the space as well as provide its kinetic energy.  There are also studio lights and themed soft boxes overhead that are a nice touch.  The queue for the food is to the left and let’s face it that’s why we are here.

Passholder Preview of Universal’s TODAY Cafe at Universal Studios Orlando.

If you can look the other way on some of theme park pricing the food does not disappoint.  In fact some of what we tried on our first preview was actually surprisingly good.  The confetti cake slice was delicious.  The cheese board was a very good offering meant for sharing. We also tried the cheese sandwich and it was a little too gourmet for us but many will enjoy it. Overall we were very happy and can’t wait to try the breakfast items, including their signature coffee, on our next visit.

Walking away from the pleasant experience that was Today Cafe we could only help but wonder how many other eateries at Universal Orlando could benefit from a modern refurbishment.  Hopefully the success of this refurbished space leads to several more dining options at Universal Orlando’s theme parks getting the love and attention they deserve.  

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